Custom brokerage solution is not enough

"About two and half years ago I was part of a group of people who started building their own brokerage. Our whole team had to take care about things like getting a license, setting up a trading platform and managing STP risk. There are companies that helped us with this part of forex business and cooperation with them allowed us to progress much faster.

But unfortunately even all this help was not enough for running a sophisticated and modern brokerage. We did not have automatic registration process, KYC and AML policies, Introducing Broker and affiliate systems, support desk, customer back-office and much more. 

We had to develop all these solutions ourselves. Nothing that was on the market was good enough or flexible enough to suit our needs. We decided to create a solution that introduced an innovative client zone and a back-office for us to manage everything. We also worked closely with MultiTrader to integrate their investing environment.

The whole system makes brokerage's internal processes simpler, saves time of employees and gives real-time overview of how the company is doing to management. In summary, Axiory now saves money and generates higher income thanks to MultiTrader strategies. "

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David Kasper

Co-founder of Purple Technology